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Lilieth Wade, the author of the book "Until Death Do Us Part", founded Grief Matters UK after losing her husband to a sudden death. John suffered a massive heart attack at the age of 45, the day after Christmas in December 2009. Lilieth had a young son at that time and no other family members in the UK to turn to for support. She experienced the agony of grief and isolation until  she heard about the Grief Recovery Method. She became certified as a Grief Recovery Specialist in 2011 and her life was transformed. Her message to grievers is that with the right help and support they can continue to live a happy and fulfilled life. Grief Matters UK  is now a registered Community Interest Company dedicated to finding ways to support all who experience loss in Nottingham and other local communities in the UK.


​Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower individuals to enhance their mental health and overall well being, enabling them to overcome grief. We value and treat everyone with respect and dignity, recognizing that grief is a normal and unique experience for each individual. 


We believe that grief matters and everyone carries within him or herself the capacity to heal. Whatever loss an individual experiences there is always grief involved. Many relationships fall apart when there is a loss. The whole purpose of grief recovery is to bring you to the point of making necessary changes so you can live with the loss in a healthy way. Most grievers are overwhelmed with phone calls and visits at the time when their loved ones die but soon after they are left alone and forgotten. We believe that grievers need ongoing support and that there are many tangible ways that we can offer assistance.

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