July 2014, visit to Ankaful, a town in the Central Region of Ghana under the jurisdiction of the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly. Grief Matters experienced immense poverty in this fishing village. We had an overwhelming welcome from widows and children who were waiting to meet us. They informed us that when their husbands died they had no means to support themselves or their children. Others shared horrendous stories of being driven out of their homes. Before leaving we purchased a plot of land to build a training centre where they can  meet, eat, be pampered and learn new skills. (Please view the slide show below)


Ghana is a place where many traditional gods share the religious landscape with Christian and Muslim religions. You will encounter sacred spaces for these traditional gods at many places. These shrines may be elaborate structures, simple creations, or a natural object, such as a stone, a forest grove, or even a fallen tree. In the traditional way, there are spirits associated with all the things around you. The stone, the wind, thunder, the river, trees, and all the things in creation that surround you are all recognized to have a spirit. Gifts are given at these spaces when asking a favour or for protection. (The brown structure in this slideshow is one of the god's in this village.)

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