Has a member of your family died? You are not alone. Whether you are newly bereaved, or dealing with a loss in your past, we wish you strength as you face each day. We know how much courage it takes to reach out, take the first step and give us a call or visit us. We have been there, and we can help the healing begin.



Drop in Service ​

We provide a safe place for you to discuss your experiences and learn about grief with others who have been there. We give you a chance to talk, in a confidential setting, to talk about how your loss affects your life. By sharing with others who have been there, you will learn how to cope by gaining insight into your own thoughts and feelings.

Our support groups will ease the isolation that being alone can bring. This will provide a fantastic opportunity to get out and meet with fellow members who understands the grief journey. If the death is sudden, the bereaved person might not know where to turn to get help. Some might not have any one to accompany them to make necessary preparations for the funeral service.

 We understand that everyone does not have close friends or relatives on hand to offer support. Grief Matters provides volunteers to visit you in your own home and assist if there is a need.







Come meet with us to share, discuss, and comfort fellow widows that are facing life without their spouse to lean on and talk with during these troubling times as well as the everyday changes that the “grieving/healing process” of widowhood brings.​​


Losing a spouse is probably one of the hardest and most traumatic events in our lives. Take the first step by contacting Grief Matters to begin your journey to recovery; we are here to support you.​​​


We aim to put you in touch with another member who is willing to listen, someone who has lost his or her partner, too.  If requested, we will also try to match you with a member who is, for example, of a similar age, or has lost his or her partner through the same circumstances, such as after a long illness or a sudden death.​​






Therapeutic Sessions

We understand that the stress of grief can affect an individual, physically as well as mentally. We help to relieve some of the stress by offering entertainment and a chance to relax.

v Conferences

v Pampering sessions

v Talking therapy

v Weekend retreats

v Coffee morning

v Day Trips

v Concerts

We can also help with Planning funeral services Writing Poems, Writing Speeches and Eulogies



Where You Are Never Alone


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